AOP Orphan, AOP Orphan IP AG and orphanix GmbH join forces to develop RetinolX to prevent bronchopulmonary dysplasia

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Wien (pts037/13.05.2019/13:45) – AOP Orphan IP AG and AOP Orphan Pharmaceuticals AG have entered into a partnership with orphanix GmbH to jointly develop RetinolX, an innovative medicine for the prevention of Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia (BPD).

BPD is a life-threatening lung disease affecting very preterm infants. Around 1 % of births are very preterm and potentially affected by this severe disease. However, no authorized preventive medicine exists yet on a global level. The joint parties are collaborating closely with expert physicians in neonatal intensive care to develop a new solution to prevent this devastating lung disease.


The project aims to deliver an EU-wide market authorization by Q1 2022 under the centralized authorization procedure. Financial terms were not disclosed. The collaboration includes rights to additional unspecified orphan conditions.

„This cooperation is a perfect match, as orphanix, AOP Orphan IP AG and AOP Orphan are all passionately dedicated to creating new treatments for patients with severe rare conditions. In addition, we all offer strong specialized capabilities. We are thrilled about the partnership given the successful history and track record of AOP Orphan and AOP Orphan IP AG“, explains Dr. Philipp Heinrich Novak, CEO and Founder of orphanix.

„RetinolX will solve a high unmet medical need for the prevention of BPD across the globe“, states orphanix Co-Founder Dr. Stefan Johansson, consultant neonatologist and Associate Professor in Paediatrics in Stockholm, Sweden.

Dr. Rudolf Widmann, Founder and Chief Therapeutic Development Officer of AOP Orphan, adds „We are excited to work with orphanix to develop and commercialize this potentially life-changing treatment. Projects like this are the reason I founded AOP Orphan.“

Michael Steiger, Managing Director of AOP Orphan IP AG, points out that „the collaboration with orphanix opens a new therapeutic area for AOP Orphan IP AG and strengthens the company´s focus on rare and severe diseases.“

About RetinolX

Safe, effective and easy-to-administer: RetinolX is being developed as a parenteral medicinal product (IM/IV) based on Retinol (Vitamin A), specifically addressing the needs of very preterm infants in intensive care. Retinol is recommended for prevention of BPD in international neonatology guidelines.

About Bronchopulmonary dysplasia (BPD)

BPD is a life-threatening lung disease of very preterm and very low birthweight infants (<1,500g/<32 weeks at birth) potentially leading to long-term consequences. Around 1 % of births globally are very preterm and potentially affected by BPD.

About AOP Orphan Pharmaceuticals AG

AOP Orphan is a multinational company with headquarters in Vienna, Austria focusing on clinical research, development and distribution of medicines for rare and complex diseases. The company also provides individualized and customized services to meet and accommodate the needs of physicians and patients across Europe, the Middle East & Asia. Currently AOP Orphan is concentrating on orphan and complex diseases in HematoOncology, Cardiology & Pulmonology and Neurology & Metabolic Disorders.

About AOP Orphan IP AG

AOP Orphan IP AG is a member of the group of companies of AOP Orphan International AG with headquarters in Vaduz, Principality of Liechtenstein, the core activity of which is the acquisition, development and commercial exploitation of intellectual properties, mainly in the medical area. An increasingly growing importance lies in the research and development of medical and related technical products.

About orphanix GmbH

orphanix GmbH is a medical development company headquartered in Linz / Austria. In line with its mission of „Filling the blind spot in medicine“, orphanix is dedicated to developing innovative solutions for high unmet medical needs in the rare disease space. orphanix has received orphan designations for prevention of neonatal diseases by EMA and FDA.


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