PTA-News: Weng Fine Art AG: New Sales Record for Jeff Koons‘ „Balloon Animals“ Editions

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Monheim am Rhein (pta025/25.05.2018/13:00) – Since the editions with the iconic motifs of „Balloon Rabbit“, „Balloon Monkey“ and „Balloon Swan“ have been launched in June 2017 for the price of 28’500USD, the set reached a new sales record of 81.250USD during Sotheby’s New York auction of May 17. Even when this is viewed as a single auction performance, we can comfortably say that the „Balloon Animals“ by Jeff Koons were the most successful edition that the market has seen in 2017.

After the Koons-Edition has sold out at the publishers, WFA Online with its brand „Weng Contemporary“ has become the leading force in the market for these sculptural editions. However, the number of „Balloon Animals“ that are still available at Weng Contemporary is limited.

The current Prices for the editions of Jeff Koons, that Weng Contemporary is able to offer, can be followed on the website .

The great success of what is currently its most successful product is a brilliant point of departure for Weng Contemporary, with the future goal of promoting more editions of other important blue chip contemporary artists from next year on.


Weng Fine AG ( is a leading internationally operating art dealership. The shares of Weng Fine Art AG are quoted on the Munich Stock Exchange and the company is known as one of the financially strongest in the European art market. The company focuses on the most important artists of the 20th century, such as Jeff Koons, Damien Hirst, Robert Longo, Pablo Picasso, Gerhard Richter and Andy Warhol. In its core business Weng Fine Art ( supplies only professionals and among the clients are the most important international auction houses, together with leading international dealers and galleries. A new venture is the e-commerce platform „Weng Contemporary“ (, launched in 2015 and owned by its subsidiary WFA Online AG, based in Zug (Switzerland). This platform offers prints and sculptural editions of blue-chip contemporary artists.


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