QuickStrip(TM) The Game-Changing Drug Delivery System

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Ontario (pts033/23.04.2019/21:00) – An innovative new cannabis product has been attracting a lot of attention among consumers, yet the proprietary technology and science behind it offers nearly unlimited drug delivery possibilities.

Ontario-based Rapid Dose Therapeutics Corp. (CSE: DOSE,) is a brand-new publicly-traded life sciences Company, revolutionizing drug delivery technologies designed to improve patient outcomes and the quality of people’s lives.


The Company has three divisions: Its cannabis arm, which works with licensed producers (LPs in Canada & Europe and growers in the US) to deliver THC and CBD oral thin film strip products, a nutraceutical division which produces its flagship QuickStrip(TM) Health Canada approved product line, delivering Vitamin B12, caffeine, and melatonin, and then rounded out by its pharmaceutical vertical, managing research and development on new products coming through the pipeline. (see Picture 1 attached)

QuickStrip(TM) is a unique product with a proprietary delivery system – where the compounds of the active ingredients are broken down at a molecular level and delivered directly into the bloodstream when placed under the tongue (sublingually) or inside the cheek (buccal). QuickStrip(TM) is an oral thin film that can be infused with nearly any active ingredient.

This unique product boasts a number of advantages:

* Quick delivery to the bloodstream for fast effects

* Precise, single dose packaging

* Discreet dosing offers privacy

* Convenient and portable

* No water or swallowing required

* Bypass the digestive tract and liver

There is a lot to deliver with such a thin film strip – Rapid Dose Therapeutics has mastered this via the QuickStrip(TM) verticals.


One of the early sectors to benefit from this proprietary technology. By placing QuickStrip(TM) under the tongue, the cannabis product enters the bloodstream quickly, meaning rapid results are felt by the consumer. Compared to pills, edibles or drinks, where the active ingredient is degraded in the digestive track and takes longer to metabolize – QuickStrip(TM) can deliver the cannabis product significantly faster and requires less active ingredient for the same result.

This is unique technology with a major benefit for consumers that offers a Smoke-Free Choice(TM) for patients who want to experience the medical benefits of cannabis while reducing stigma and the known risks associated with smoking or vaping. QuickStrip(TM) is both discreet and non-invasive for both medical and recreational consumers.

Two words that should pique an investors attention – recurring revenue: RDT is driving its rapid expansion into emerging markets and generating value for shareholders and consumers through its service-based annuity contracts. Each contract with its partners operates on a five-year commitment cycle. The Company does not touch the cannabis leaf or distillates, but RDT’s clients, the LPs and growers do. Through these agreements, RDT’s role is to provide the delivery system, manufacturing equipment, and knowhow to these LPs and growers. This enables the LPs to produce QuickStrip(TM) with their own strain of cannabis distillate and provide an ideal delivery alternative to their cannabis consumers. It is through these partnerships that the Company can quickly extend its reach and find new markets to introduce QuickStrip(TM). (see Picture 2 attached)

Two key partnerships announced are with Aphria Inc. and Thrive Cannabis. Thrive will sell oral thin film strips with RDT’s proprietary QuickStrip(TM) technology, using their cannabis distillates under a white label production agreement. This agreement will enable Thrive to offer a distinct group of products and also opens the door to third party production for LPs who seek to provide QuickStrip(TM) where it would not otherwise be feasible on their own, given the costs and technical complexities of producing the oral thin film strip delivery system.

This cost-effective solution for both RDT and Thrive will maximize the use of RDT’s production capacity, while enabling Thrive, and contracted producers, to offer its customer base a Smoke-Free Choice(TM) for cannabis delivery.

The Company signed a deal in late 2018 with Aphria Inc. (TSX: APHA, NYSE: APHA), where the cannabis industry heavyweight secured exclusive global preferred rights to license, manufacture, distribute and sell the proprietary QuickStrip(TM) delivery technology for both medical and adult-use cannabis market. This offers the ability to white label / private brand label growing for other growers in Canada, Europe, and other countries yielding the potential to amplify RDT’s QuickStrip(TM) product reach. This further boasts QuickStrip(TM) co-branding to differentiate from any potential competitors and widens consumer adoption for RDT’s QuickStrip delivery system.

The two companies enhanced their partnership to see Aphria granted exclusive preferred rights to bring RDT’s QuickStrip to the largest medical cannabis market in Europe – Germany. Rapid Dose Therapeutics now has a foothold in a very sought-after market with a global cultivator offering a huge milestone for a young Company. Aphria is a shareholder of RDT, having acquired a 9.7 per-cent interest in the Company – proof that the industry giant believes in this delivery system and the potential for its use globally.

Germany is just one major market Rapid Dose has ventured into. Las Vegas, Nevada is another. The Company signed an agreement with leading cannabis cultivator, producer, and innovator Flower One Holdings Inc. (CSE: FONE, OTCQB: FLOOF). Flower One has carved out a successful segment of the state’s extremely lucrative cannabis market. With access to a majority of dispensaries in Las Vegas, a city that sees an average of 55 million tourists from across the world annually. That is a market nearly one and a half times greater than the population of Canada. In 2018, the state reported USD529 million in recreational, medicinal and cannabis-related products. When many of these tourists arrive, they’ll be able to purchase one of many QuickStrip cannabis products available for retail across the city. (see Picture 3 attached)



Ansprechpartner: Jorge Estepa

Tel.: 416 818 4035

E-Mail: jestepa@rapid-dose.com

Website: www.rapiddose.ca

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